pablo pernot

Pablo Pernot

Profession of faith

Today, to reform organizations, rethink products, re-imagine social relationships in companies, define if you want to use a known recipe (such as a spotify, SAFe, Less, etc.), frameworks (“Scrum”, Kanban”), approaches (“Lean Startup”, Beyond Budgeting”, “Holacratie”, “Design Thinking”, etc.) remains an important step, but within everyone’s reach. It is a small part of my role to help you, however, on these subjects.

Defining to what extent, at what rate, how, in what sense, the adaptation and emergence of your own ecosystem must be achieved is already less easy to understand. But if it were easy that wouldn’t be the question. It’s part of the role of people like me to accompany you on this.

But I come to think with time that the keystone of all this is the will (intention) and the way of being (attitude) of important people. Important in the sense that they have levers, that they are at strategic times and places. My role is to support these people. To make sure of their intentions, or to make them hatch, to coach them in their knowledge to be, to nourish them with other experiences and knowledge.

The evolution of organizations requires the transformation of the people who make them up. Organization is the sum of individuals. I work with individuals on their life skills, with those important people who guide, trigger, flow and energy in the organization. I work with people who realize this and want to take over these subjects, or organizations who want people to realize this.

In short…

After a master’s degree in Monty Python, a DEA in nonsense and absurdity, the beginning of a doctorate in cinematographic comedy, it seems normal that I have embarked on the management and management of change, it is -finally- a logical continuation.


Since 2015 I am delighted to have joinedbeNext, at that time I was writing:

Each choice has a value. Each choice has an expiry date. Do not make a choice too early until you really know why. Each choice that contains uncertainties can be even more rewarding. It is with these Chris Matts Real Options in mind that I begin a new part of my life by choosing, with enthusiasm, and David’s friendship, to embark on the adventurebeNext.

At beNext I want to contribute, share and learn, in a space where people and knowledge are liberated and emancipated. Where everyone can feel unique and part of a whole. Being an actor in these new organizations was a pioneer in the future.

The smiles, ideas and proposals of the benexters charmed me. The choice was clear.

September 2015.

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  1. No plan survives the first contact with the enemy – Von Moltke
  2. I refuse to be part of a club that would accept me as a member! – Groucho Marx
  3. They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it – Mark Twain
  4. Too many midwives, the baby is dead – Romanian proverb
  5. Don’t tell the facts! Tell the truth! – Maya Angelou
  6. Don’t count your chickens until they hatch – Aesop

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