Leadership seminar with Olaf Lewitz

Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 July 2019 we are organising with Olaf Lewitz two days of seminar on leadership, with the trust temenos academy that Olaf has been running for several years as the framework. I have been meeting Olaf since 2011 through conferences, seminars, visits with friends. We appreciate each other. I was able to facilitate the Open Space of the Scrum Gathering in Prague in 2015 for example (600 people!

Dilts pyramid and organizational harmonization

Previously and around Kanban I was talking to you about corporate culture, organization, and the need to adapt to it to support the organization. I would like to complete this reading by adding the need for this culture to be aligned, in harmony, “at all levels”. For this reason and in my ongoing reflections at beNext, I would like to tell you about the pyramid of Dilts (that Dilts draws from Bateson).

Dojo Agile at scale

Last Monday, like every Monday, there is a dojo at the vessel. The ship is the offices at beNext. The dojo is the place where you study. Every Monday we propose to the teams on site 1 hour on a subject carried by someone who knows a lot about it (on the subject). Last Monday, therefore, it was a dojo on “agile to scale” because we are often (unfortunately) asked about SAFe.

Temporality of management

When we ask ourselves, as is often the case today, about the managerial posture to have nowadays, about giving meaning and a framework, instead of a command & control management, it is important to understand that the temporality of this management is also changing. I mean by that that a management command & control is a cause and effect management, I ask you that, you do that, good or bad, but the relationship is direct and the time is short, or at least we understand the time it will take.

Making your job

A haunting question among the people around me, especially the youngest ones: how do you find the ideal job, project, mission, product, environment, etc.? The one we will kiffer, love, be proud of, for whom we will get up in the morning? How to find it? Find it? In fact, the answer is probably how to make it! How to design it! When I meet the benexters (the people of beNext), this question is a recurring one.

Dynamic Kanban

Yesterday at Flowcon, the con conference on flow, I was able, with the help of Yannick, to present a session whose objective is to make contextual reading understood in order to adapt Kanban systems to the culture in which they can evolve. For those who were able to participate, here are the elements we discussed. Naturally, be careful for those who would like to participate in the future, it is better not to read the proposals suggested at the end of the session.

User Story Mapping, a tactic tool

These days I use two tools quite well known in the world of design thinking, lean startup, entrepreneurship, or more globally of the agile world: action plan mapping, or tactics, and strategy mapping. Either the user story mapping and impact mapping. I had already covered these tools quite a bit. through different articles but a) I need and want to clarify my point with articles b) my practice has continued to evolve since the previous articles.


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