About the void

Yesterday on the occasion of an “agile becom” (every two months, an event with all the agile community of benext), everyone went from his “lightning talk”. Here’s mine.

Hello, nice to be here, thank you for welcoming me.

Hello (silence) (people whisper “bastards”, “benevolent”, “benexters”)…

Well, it’s interesting what you’re saying to fill that void I want to talk to you about.

That void you filled. This void is important in your daily practice of accompaniment.

Do not confuse this void with the humming of the silence of the complacent or the pleading, nor with the humming of hollow speech. Do not confuse it with the desert of the “I don’t care”, the lazy, or the absence of the incompetent.

Nor is it the rhythm that changes when you discover coaching. The very surprising one of the absence of cause and effect.

I’m talking about this void that nature hates.

The withdrawal that invites us to fill up, and that undeniably fills up.

This void is a fleeting, ephemeral material. But it is a subject that you should learn to handle instead of saturating the space with know-how.

You have to be careful. The moment is subtle, and then you never know what happens, there’s risk taking.

This void is the creation of an exciting space, but also full of uncertainties, and therefore risks, very informative or necessary for emergence.

Thank you.

void space emergence