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Leadership seminar with Olaf Lewitz

Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 July 2019 we are organising with Olaf Lewitz two days of seminar on leadership, with the trust temenos academy that Olaf has been running for several years as the framework. I have been meeting Olaf since 2011 through conferences, seminars, visits with friends. We appreciate each other. I was able to facilitate the Open Space of the Scrum Gathering in Prague in 2015 for example (600 people!). I am sure today that he has a lot to bring to our managers, our product managers, our coaches. And I hope that between the two of us we will be able to offer a high value to our participants.

The seminar will be in English and French.

We invite you to inspire changes in your relationships and contexts, to nurture growth in new ways.

In whatever ways you can learn from each other while exploring what you are doing, you can join us in a safe space.

We believe the most valuable and sustainable learning happens in human interactions, not the time you spend sitting and listening to us. Instead, we aim to maximize the depth and breadth of experience and provide mental models to make sense of what you discover.

"This course does a beautiful job of weaving the agile ethos - respect for people, dynamic, diverse teams, rapid learning - with an enlightened, broader view of leadership frameworks." It provides the right weave of those frameworks without being at all pedantic. " (Scott Downs, London)

Olaf et Pablo

  • I want to be challenged and discover what kind of leader I am.
  • What does leadership mean for me?
  • What kind of leadership will help me achieve what I want?

This course aims at creating a container for diversity and ambiguity. How do you want to improve?

“Agile” is the stance and journey of consciously improving.

In that spirit, we believe that agile leadership is the conscious improvement of how we lead and follow, given

Clarity of intention, in the context of ...
A purpose to grow the systems we work in and the people within them, to fulfill everyone's needs and to realize our individual and collective potential. 

"I learned what leadership actually means."

This course invites you to kick your personal journey. An organization changes in ways its people change.


Your take-aways

  • Start your journey to your next level of leadership
  • More clarity of who you are and what you want
  • More awareness of how to manage contexts and develop relationships
  • Clear focus on a growing challenge for the upcoming six months with a clear sense of progress
  • A set of principles which apply to your life, your team and your organization
  • Experiencing the effects of a container of trust, leading people to bring their ambiguities and diversity to create a force for change
  • Knowing how it feels when you co-lead as a WE
  • A long list of inspirations and recommendations :-)
  • New friends!

What to expect?

Growth as a person, growth in relationship.

We minimize the time you spend sitting and listening to us. We maximize the depth and breadth of experience and provide mental models to make sense of what you discover.

We could ask you to take the lead on a topic in the training. We intend to challenge each other in the course, independent of how long you’ve been in the Agile context. We want to create the content with all of you. It is an art to know when to lead and when to follow. Graceful movement among roles and responsibilities, deciding what to do in which context and situation, add to your experience.

On the first day, the focus will be on your personal journey. On day two we will apply our learnings and principles, along with our model and other tools to the frame of agile organizations. Be prepared to be surprised and challenged. You may bring your comfort zone, but you might not spend much time in it :-)

Who is it for?

  • Executives, Managers and Leaders of all levels
  • Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Coaches
  • Project and Team Leads

Our participants say

"I think the main impact of this course is on my own integrity and internal priorities. I do not see how one can lead himself without fixing this first. And, of course, no way you can lead others if you cannot lead yourself. You've seen those V1 survey results over the years with culture as the main impediment, right? Who is responsible for setting culture? - leaders. So, I would say whenever I have a problem with agile adoptions, I am dealing with leadership. This course Could be the beginning of changing this for you. This way Could actually make a difference.” (Kirill Klimov, Singapore)

"Unsurprisingly, there is no official step-by-step guide to Agile Leadership". There was, however, an immaculately created 'safe' space for learning a bunch of great techniques, models and ways of thinking backed by the trainer's practical expertise and experience. The learning was enhanced by group participation, which is both a credit to the participants and a credit to the ability of the trainers to elicit the best from them. TrustTemenos CAL1 is very much a leadership course for those who need to lead and influence; it is not a summary of agile frameworks. It would be completely impractical and a detriment to the course to attempt to make it so. If you would like to know more about the specific details of any agile framework, take additional courses which are specifically designed for that purpose." (Ray Whiting, London)


  • Date : Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 July 2019
  • Price : from 600 euros to 900 euros depending of context (until the end of May 600 euros, until 15 June 750 euros, then 900 euros)
  • Location : beNext, 12 rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris
  • Breakfasts and lunch included


Trust Temenos

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