pablo pernot


You know these quotes: “They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it - Mark Twain “ or “That those who think it’s impossible are asked not to disturb those who try “.

When we talk about transformation, the evolution of organizations in my context, we often hear: “ideally we should…”. At the beginning of my meetings, I replied: “Yes, I understand”.

I stopped.

My role is to make the implicit explicit. My role is to have a benevolent, but confronting look. My answer now is: “no, it’s not an ideal. It’s a real possibility. If you look at the organizations that have achieved this ideal, they have tried to implement it.
I therefore adapt these quotes to my context: there are those who say: ideally, and there are those who try.

Not all of them have succeeded. But to use an advertising slogan this time: “100% of the winners played”, 100% of those who succeeded really gave themselves the means to succeed. Not all have achieved the ideal, but those who have succeeded have tried.

I therefore think it is healthy to tell leaders who are wondering about the need to give themselves the means to do so. And that what may seem impossible, excluded, is perhaps, is often, precisely, the key to success. We are talking about changing a system, we are not changing a system without digressing from its standard to paraphrase Frank Zappa (“without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible”).

This is why we must be benevolent, but confrontational if we really want to change the organization’s system. The whole job is to move forward on this path. It is not a question of having a rigid posture. The destination must not be a sham.

When you hear “ideally”, think about not letting it go.

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